A custom wedding dance floor decal can create the perfect atmosphere, no matter the theme! Tailor made by our design to give you the custom floor wrap you have been dreaming of. Not only are they easily installed, but they also add that “wow” factor to your dance floor.


Whether youre looking for a simple floor, or you are looking for a detailed complex design, our design team can bring your dream wedding dance floor decal to life!


As a result of high demand for wedding dance floor decals we are now booking 2022-2025. Out of our service area? We ship world wide too! Speak with a representative today for more information


Monogram Wedding Floor Decal

This traditional design is one of the most popular styles for weddings. After all, its sleek design showcases your union and complements any wedding theme. 

For the background, you can choose either a white or black color. Now, there’s some customization you can do here. You can decide which font you like best, as well as how you want your monogram to be designed. 

For example, do you want the monogram in a circle, surrounded by flowers, or just placed on the dance floor front and center? There’s a variety of designs to choose from to make your event space look elegant. 

The floor wrap will not only make your wedding stand out but will add to your aesthetic. The photography will be beautiful and add to the memories of your wedding day. 

White Dance Floor Decal & Vinyl

This is simplicity at its finest. An all-white dance floor will complement any wedding theme. Not to mention, it will look gorgeous both indoors and outdoors. 

It’s the perfect design for anyone that wants sleek and simple floor wrap. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the white dance floor won’t camouflage spillage or garbage on the ground. In fact, it might it more noticeable due to the white background. 

Our all white vinyl options come in two variants. The first, the perfect glossy white dance floor most clients dream of. The second, our matte white dance floor. While our matte white dance floor is hardly ever the first option, it can be paired with glossy decal lettering and monograms to give one of the most elegant looks to any custom wedding dance floors. 

Full Color Wedding Dance Floor Decal

A full print wedding dance floor decal features a custom design that covers the entire dance floor entirely. The large scale dance floor decal images are custom designed for you by our art department to make sure you have a pixel perfect floor. 

Designs often include monogram decals, flowers, metallic silver and gold foils, custom borders, marble effects and more. The possibilities of your dance floor design are truly endless with the full print & color option. 

Now some people see these designs as cluttered or messy. However, think of them this way; instead of them blending into your theme, you can use these prints as a statement piece. Make the dance floor a focal point of the night. After all, you’ll be dancing the night away on it, so why make it boring? 

Why custom wedding dance floor decals?

With a dance floor wedding decal you can make your dance floor anything you want. For example, you can transform your dance floor into a an elegant pattern, design it to be black marble, or perhaps go with a rustic 1920’s theme.

The sky’s the limit, so don’t hold back. You can style it to look like a rainbow or a trip underneath the sea. Our state of the art printers will deliver any image of your imagination for your floor.

If you want something truly unique, you can ask that your love be represented with symbols from the very first day you met to your current wedding day added as an additional layer in gold or chrome foil. Want to have that “WOW” Factor? Ask us about our acrylic subfloors including mirror gold and silver. Call us today to secure your date and have your dream floor at your upcoming wedding!